Shelving Accessories

A perfect way to store both small and large loads, shelving systems can be customised to fit most applications. The modular form allows most units to be made larger or smaller, with the addition of more shelves and even supports. When buying shelving systems, size is typically the first and most important factor to ensure suitability for the items to be stored. Once the correct size is understood, understanding if the system has the load capacity to match your requirements is important for make sure you are safely using the unit to avoid failure, collapse and injury.Shelving systems come in both metal and plastic and will respectively have different max load capacities, with some metal units using wooden shelves.Shelving accessories consist of: Shelf kits Trays Bookends Slotted angles Tension plates Rear cladding Louvered panels Adjustable shelves

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Description Price System Load Capacity Height Width Depth Length Material Colour
RS庫存編號 135-7291
- 200kg - 2m 750mm - - -
RS庫存編號 135-7317
Storage Rack System 99.79 (Section) kg, 149.69 (Shelf) kg 2000mm 1m 500mm - Steel Grey