Plastic Film

Plastic film is a thin engineering material no more than 10 mm thick, any thicker then the plastic material would be classed as a plastic sheet. The plastic film comes in a range sizes and thicknesses and plastic types which can be used in a vast array of applications across many different industries. Plastic film is generally opaque, translucent, transparent and clear.


FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene)

FEP film is a transparent film which is chemically resistant, non-stick, resistant to high temperatures, non-flammable and has high electrical insulation. This versatile film can be used in a wide range of applications including 3D printing and electrical wiring.


Mica film is a thin film made up of layers, Mica is soft and lightweight. Mica has outstanding thermal, mechanical, electrical and chemical properties. It is also moisture-proof, flexible and has high tensile strength. Mica film is typically used in electronic and electrical applications.


Mylar film is a transparent Multi-purpose film. It has excellent resistance to moisture and most chemicals and can be used for a vast range of industrial applications. Mylar is flexible strong and durable. Typically used for laminating, office supplies and electrical insulation.


PEEK (Polyethereherketone) is a high-performance thermoplastic. It is strong, resistant to high temperatures and has good chemical resistance. PEEK film is typically used in electronics (PCB film) injection moulding, laminating and 3D printing.


PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is a polyester plastic film that has high tensile strength. PET film is UV resistant and has excellent electrical properties. PET plastic film is suited to a wide range of applications including printing and laminating.


Polypropylene or PP film is a thin, low-cost thermoplastic clear film is tough and strong with excellent dielectric strength. Typical applications include shrinking wrap, packaging and food packaging.

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Description Price Material Length Width Thickness Density Dielectic Strength Thermal Conductivity Maximum Operating Temperature Application
RS庫存編號 918-2536
製造零件編號TN17 1,20M
- 1200mm 800mm 3/10e - - - - -
RS庫存編號 918-2533
- 900mm 500mm 3/10e - - - - -