Mould Release Agents

What are they?
Mould release agents are a type of lubricant. They are used to prevent surfaces from bonding to the mould in injection moulding without damaging the finish of the final item. They are also used to protect moulds from corrosion during storage.
Mould release agents are commonly made from silicone or PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene).
Why use mould release agents?
Mould release agents allow for objects to easily be removed from moulds. Ultimately, this ensures a longer life for the mould, but can help to promote efficiency and prevent difficult clean-ups where items have become stuck.
Other uses:
Although primarily used for releasing objects in injection moulding, these lubricants do often find themselves subject to a wider range of applications. They are commonly used within the automotive industry to stop car rubber door joints from sticking and drying. They are also used to protect weld splatters and can be used within the home to lubricate drawers, curtain rails and windows.

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