Portable Fans

Portable fans are an excellent air cooling solution that are available in a wide range of sizes and styles to suit a variety of environments. We offer a wide selection of fans to suit your needs, from free-standing tower fans to small and compact desk fans. Many desktop and portable fans include various features to enhance airflow and circulation such as oscillating, timers, variable speeds and even supplied with remote control for easy control.

What types of fans are there?

  • Desk fans - A small and compact desktop fan, ideal for both offices and home use. These indoor fans are also great for light air circulation in rooms without air conditioning or opening windows.
  • Floor fans - These fans are lower to the ground and often angled, ideal for powerful air cooling and distribution while often remaining portable.
  • Standing fan - Perfect for distributing cool air in a larger room such as an office or working space and often feature oscillating functions to enable wider airflow.
  • Heavy-duty fan - Ideal for generating cool air in large open areas such as a warehouse.
  • Tower fan - Tower fans usually feature a tall slimline design, perfect for use at home.
  • Wall fan - Similar design to a desk fan but mountable to a wall or flat surface.

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Description Price Air Flow Blade Span Fan Type Number of Speeds Plug Type Supply Voltage Dimensions Depth Height Width Maximum Current Noise Level Series Special Features
RS庫存編號 764-5818
7250m³/h - Floor, Heavy Duty - Type F - Schuko plug 230 V ac 943 x 805.4 x 471.3mm 471.3mm 943mm 805.4mm 2.2A 67dB(A) EC Aura -