Enclosure Cooling Units

Enclosure cooling units are lightweight air conditioning units designed for IT and electrical cabinets. They're ideal for demand-orientated climate control in small spaces and operate with high energy efficiency.

How do enclosure cooling units work?

Enclosure cooling units are used for cooling down small enclosures and panels where heat generated by electrical devices would otherwise build up. They allow heat to be evacuated from electrical equipment cabinets and are nanoceramic coated for use without a filter in dry, dusty environments. This allows lengthy intervals to be left between cleans. Enclosure cooling units have very few moving parts, helping to reduce vibration, and are fitted with separate internal and external circuit protection.

Types of enclosure cooling units

Enclosure cooling units are available in roof or side-mount designs. Eco-mode units use intelligent operating systems, stopping and starting fans as required to maintain accurate temperatures while reducing energy use. They can achieve high accuracy and low power consumption with minimum moving parts, increasing the lifespan of the unit and reducing maintenance needs.

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Description Price Maximum Cooling Power Air Flow Noise Level Input Power Rating Supply Voltage Dimensions Depth Height Width Cooler Type Frequency Input Type Nominal Current Series
RS庫存編號 513-4401
製造零件編號DTS9041 13249041000
870W 570m³/h 37dB - 230 V ac 604 x 380 x 231mm 231mm 604mm 380mm - - - - -
RS庫存編號 513-4417
製造零件編號DTI 9021 13293041000
320W 282m³/h 26dB - 230 V ac 329 x 385 x 252mm 252mm 329mm 385mm - - - - -