Metal Halide Lamps

Metal halide lamps are also known as an ’MH’ lamp. It is a HID (High Intensity Discharge), which means it provides most of its light from the electric arc within a small glass tube. These lamps are popular due to its good quality white light and good efficiency. The lamps also offer a long lamp life with up to 32000 hours for some MH lamps.
Why Metal Halide Lamps
Metal halide lamps are small in comparison to incandescent and fluorescent alternatives, while producing the same light output. This highly versatile lamp is available in various wattages for several applications from lighting up a back garden to an entire football pitch.
MH lamps are typically found in:
• Stadiums and Arenas
• Sports Fields
• Car Parks
• Street Lighting
Types of Metal Halide Lamp Caps
There are several different cap types for Metal Halide lamps, these include:
• G12
• G8.5
• GX10
• RX7s
• RX7s-24
• Screw
• Giant Screw

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Description Price Lamp Type Wattage Lamp Base Lamp Shape Fitting Type Mounting Orientation Internal Ignitor Length Colour Temperature Lamp Finish Colour Rendering Luminosity Diameter Life Hours
RS庫存編號 729-9257
製造零件編號HIE175W/U/E54/EURO/4K (HK)
- 175 W ES/E27 Elliptical Enclosed Universal - 141 mm 4000K Clear 68 14000 lm 54mm 10000h
RS庫存編號 729-9250
製造零件編號MS 400W/HOR (HK)
- 400 W EP39 Tubular Enclosed Horizontal - 247 mm 4000K Clear 65 40000 lm 52mm 15000h