Heat Lamps

Heat lamps are infrared (IR) lamps that emit heat and are mostly used for radiant heating in communal areas making them an energy efficient alternative to patio heaters. They can also be used in heated counter tops and cooking surfaces commonly found in restaurants.

IR lamps can also be used for instant shortwave drying, which can be incredibly helpful for drying print on paper, drying lacquer and drying water based paints.

Heat lamps are economical to run and offer direct, draught free warmth. They heat up incredibly quickly, with most at full power able to provide heat within a few seconds. Some heat lamps have a dimmable function that allows you to easily regulate the temperature.

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Description Price Wattage Lamp Base Voltage Rating Length Diameter Colour Temperature Lamp Finish Life Hours
RS庫存編號 743-836
175 W E27 240/250 V 136 mm 128mm 2400K Clear 5000h
RS庫存編號 743-820
100 W E27 240/250 V 136 mm 128mm 2400K Clear 5000h