Halogen Floodlights

Like any normal floodlight, these flood lights use Halogen bulbs for their illumination purposes.How do they work?Connected to a mains power supply, you can broadcast your halogen floodlight like any other light by switching them on and directing beam angles where needed.Features and benefits:● Great illumination for security purposes● Versatile light with great resistance to failure● Brilliant whites produced from halogen lights● Less maintenance required● Longer lasting than traditional filaments found in incandescent bulbs● Motion sensor flood lighting available● Daytime photocells built in some models to save electricity● Adjustable timers in some models to control your floodlight● Targeted lightWhere might I use one?● Security around your home or business● Car parks● Commercial or industrial estates

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Description Price Type Wattage Voltage Rating Lamp Supplied Depth Height Width IP Rating Case Material Dimensions
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製造零件編號ODW1500 22604552 (HK)
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Indoor, Outdoor 400 W 220 → 240 V Yes 125 mm 265mm 185 mm IP44 Die Cast Aluminium 265 x 185 x 125 mm