What are Retractable pencils?A retractable pencil is a variant of a standard pencil, except with the notable difference in the retracting mechanism feature in the casing.How do they work?You press down, usually on the top of the pencil to trigger a pushing motion that will push a small piece of thin lead that you can then use to write or draw with.Features and benefits: Fully retractable tip Button clip for easy & secure storage in pockets Some feature an eraser housing at the top of the pencil Ideal for drawing with a ruler or stencil No need for sharpening Replaceable lead refills are cheap and easy to install Spring loaded pencils available to reduce lead breakage Cushion pointWhere might I use one? Ideal for engineers In school for students Home or work In your business to cut down expenses on stationary

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Description Price Lead Size Lead Hardness
RS庫存編號 874-9609
BrandPaper Mate
毎盒:1 個
0.7mm HB