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Electric double layer capacitors are two-terminal energy storage devices that collect voltage as current flows through an electric circuit. They generate an electrical field between two conductor plates and are also known as supercapacitors.

RS Components offer an extensive range of high-quality double layer supercapacitors from leading brands including Vishay, KEMET, Panasonic, and of course RS PRO.

Types of electric double layer capacitors

Supercapacitors are categorised based on the design of the electrodes. Electric double layer capacitors have carbon electrodes with a much higher static capacitance than others. Capacitance measures a component's ability to collect and store energy in the form of an electrical charge. It's measured in Farads (F). The value of the capacitance depends on many factors, including temperature, types of ions, electrode potential and oxide layers.

What are electric double layer capacitors used for?

Electric double layer capacitors can charge and store more energy than standard capacitors. They are used in applications such as handheld devices and are now widely used in hybrid vehicles because of their rapid charging rate. Due to their electric flow, they can be applied as backups to primary batteries to ensure a steady electrical current.