Ferrite Core Sample Kits

Ferrite core sample kits include a selection of differently sized ferrite cores for use with a wide variety of cables and connections. Ferrite cores are magnetic cores used in electronics to help with noise suppression.

Why are ferrite cores important?

Ferrite cores help to protect your transformer or inductor from EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI (radio frequency interference) and prevent interference from moving to a device or from a device. When a cable is passed through the core, the magnetic fields created by the cable are concentrated within the ferrite core and converted to heat; the ferrite in turn dissipates the heat.

Types of ferrite core in ferrite core sample kits

Ferrite cores that are smaller in size and handle higher frequencies are used in signal transformers. Larger ferrite cores with lower frequencies are used in power transformers. Because of their comparatively low electrical conductivity, ferrite cores are also used in the cores of RF (radio frequency) transformers.

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製造零件編號MT SMP KIT
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