Resistor Mounting Brackets

Resistor mounting brackets are used as supports to secure fixed resistors in place on electronic devices and circuit boards. They are adjustable in design, which means they can be positioned to avoid electrical contact that may cause interference with the current flows. They are constructed from corrosion resistant metals like steel or aluminium.

Resistor mounting brackets fit inside the cores of the resistors and remain in place via spring tension mechanisms. Wire wound mounting brackets are used with fixed insulated resistors so that they can be placed onto uninsulated panels.

What are resistor mounting brackets used for?

The primary function of resistor mounting brackets is to secure resistors in place and prevent them from moving, which could cause circuit interruptions. Resistor mounting brackets also assist in dissipating heat away from the resistor, which in turn increases the resistor's lifespan.

Types of resistor mounting brackets

Resistor mounting brackets are classified as slide in clips or through bolt brackets.

Through bolt brackets have either elongated or slotted feet. The slotted option allows the bracket to be detached without having to remove the mounting screws, which means several resistors can be mounted onto one bracket.

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