Hydraulic Filters

Hydraulic filters are crucial elements of any hydraulic system and are designed to filtrate oils, water or other liquids within a hydraulic installation. Hydraulic systems have an increased risk of contamination due to wear of components, ingression from seals or low quality liquid. Proper filtration is necessary to keep the system clean and prevent hydraulic installation from increased wearing.

There are several types of hydraulic filters available on the market and the type depends on location within the hydraulic systems. The most common filters are:
• Return filters are downstream from all components and filter the liquid before it returns to the tanks.
• In-line hydraulic filters are designed to use directly on the line and usually protect one component or set of components
• Suction filters are fitted onto the suction line and protect pumps form possible course contamination. The elements of suction filters are usually metal meshes or metal grid that are capable to stop bigger size objects.

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RS庫存編號 196-2707
IL 125µm 90L/min G 1 7 bar G 1in +80°C -30°C