Pneumatic Air Lubricators

Pneumatic air lubricators are used in pneumatic air preparationto inject an aerosolised stream of oil into an air line to provide lubrication to the internal working parts of pneumatic tools and other devices such as hydraulic cylinders, valves and motors.

Why are pneumatic air lubricators important?

By lubricating different mechanisms and moving parts – from motors to pistons, gears and sliding surfaces – pneumatic air lubricators help to keep a pneumatic system running smoothly. Your machinery can benefit from lower friction, smoother operation and more accurate speed control, which in turn helps the system run efficiently and reduces the running and maintenance costs.

Choosing the right pneumatic air lubricator

The right pneumatic air lubricator will depend on the application and also the type of liquid you wish to use.

The type of pneumatic air lubricator oil you needwill usually depend on your machinery's manufacturing guidelines. It's important that the only fluids used are the ones specified on the user guide, as incompatible oil will affect the functioning of your machinery and may damage it.

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Description Price Manufacturer Series Fill Under Pressure Port Connection Maximum Flow Rate Typical Flow Rate Drain Type Port Connection Thread Size Port Connection Thread Standard Maximum Operating Pressure Minimum Operating Pressure Maximum Operating Temperature Minimum Operating Temperature Bowl Material Proof Pressure
RS庫存編號 125-3549
652 Yes G 1/2 0.71 (Minimum) SCFM, 20 (Minimum) L/min 178.5 SCFM, 5100 L/min - 1/2 in G 10 bar - +50°C -20°C Polycarbonate 6.3bar
RS庫存編號 136-6287
651 Yes G 1/4 - 1940L/min - 1/4 in G 10 bar - +50°C +5°C Polycarbonate 6.3bar
RS庫存編號 125-3548
652 Yes G 3/8 0.71 (Minimum) SCFM, 20 (Minimum) L/min 175 SCFM, 5000 L/min - 3/8 in G 10 bar - +50°C -20°C Polycarbonate 6.3bar