Pneumatic Cold Air Guns

Pneumatic cold air guns provide a cold air source and are designed to improve dry machining operations by reducing heat build-up. Choose from devices with different cooling capacities and styles with adjustable controls to regulate the amount of cold air produced.

Benefits of using a pneumatic cold air gun

Heat build-up reduces machining rates and can cause tools to wear out more quickly. Pneumatic cold air guns work by producing a stream of clean air at a specified low temperature in order to prevent heat build-up. They can help to prolong tool life and increase productivity in machining operations where liquid coolants cannot be used. They're designed to be quiet in operation and there are no moving parts to wear out.

Pneumatic cold air gun applications

Pneumatic cold air guns can be used for a variety of applications including:

  • Plastics machining – improves finish by cooling milling and cutting tools
  • Woodworking – for faster routing without discolouring the woodwork
  • Food processing – cooling food products

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Description Price Type Maximum Cooling Capacity Maximum Flow Rate
RS庫存編號 445-3054
Adjustable 2500Btu/h 991L/min
RS庫存編號 291-1312
Non Adjustable 2500Btu/h 991L/min