Pneumatic Logic Controllers

Pneumatic logic controllers, also referred to as air logic controllers, are used in the control of industrial processes to execute specific actions. These actions can be performed by AND units, OR units, booster units and timers.

Pneumatic logic controllers perform similar functions to relays, pneumatic timers switches and counters, but utilise compressed air as the controlling mediums instead of electrical currents. They resemble mini 3-way and 4-way air valves and perform specific actions such as on, off or pause in pneumatic actuators.

What are pneumatic logic controllers used for?

These controllers are useful in environments exposed to dust or moisture, because they operate using compressed air and not electrical currents. Using pneumatic logic controllers, rather than controller that require electricity, also reduces the risk of fire or explosions when dealing with highly combustive materials.

Types of pneumatic logic controllers

Pneumatic logic controllers are categorised by the type of connection they use, whether pin connections, bus connections, sockets or plugs. When choosing a pneumatic logic controller, consider the maximum temperature and pressure ranges of your application.

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Description Price Manufacturer Series Maximum Operating Pressure Minimum Operating Temperature Minimum Operating Pressure Logic Function Maximum Operating Temperature Connection Type
RS庫存編號 722-558
T65C 10 bar -20°C 0.7bar OR +80°C -
RS庫存編號 722-542
T65C 10 bar -20°C 0.7bar OR +80°C -