Pneumatic Roundline Cylinders

Pneumatic roundline cylinders are powered by compressed air to enable stroke extension and retraction movements. These motions can be up and down or inward and outward like, for example, the motions of an industrial weaving machine.

Their outer barrels are constructed from aluminium or stainless steel to ensure durability and corrosion resistance.

Some cylinders have cushioning that acts as a buffer between the cylinders and the machinery.

What are pneumatic roundline cylinders used for?

These components are mostly used to move light- to medium-weight objects. They are typically found in assembly line equipment such as packaging and production machinery.

Types of pneumatic roundline cylinders

They come in a variety of bore sizes, stroke lengths and are either single or double acting.

  • Single acting cylinders have just one extension stroke adjuster usually moving the piston outward with a spring to bring it back. They are used, for example, in cranes that lift and drop containers onto ships.
  • Double acting cylinders have extension and retraction motions driven by compressed air from two ports on either side. This type is often found on doors in hospitals.

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Description Price Manufacturer Series Action Rods Bore Stroke Maximum Operating Pressure Pneumatic Connection Absolute Maximum Pressure Piston Rod Thread Gender Force at 7 bar Cushioning Type Port Connection Dimensions Weight
RS庫存編號 510-8991
RM/8000/M Double Single 25mm 80mm 10 bar - - - - Buffer G 1/8 30 (Dia.) x 184mm 289g
RS庫存編號 510-8957
RM/8000/M Double Single 25mm 50mm 10 bar - - - - Buffer G 1/8 30 (Dia.) x 154mm 256g