Abrasive Discs

Abrasive discs help you to cut, grind, clean and smooth to achieve the required finish. We offer a high-quality range of cutting discs, grinding discs, flap discs and sanding discs all capable of fitting on benchtop grinders and handheld angle grinders. Brought to you through some of the leading brands such as 3M, Norton, Bosch and our very own RS PRO.

Grinding Discs are great for all types of angle grinders for use on materials such as metals, plastic and stone. These discs primarily are used for removing material but can also be used for finishing and preparing both stone and metal surfaces. Grinding discs can come in various forms with Tungsten Carbide discs being great for use on rough concrete, tiles or brickwork. With a more traditional general-purpose grain disc a great for everyday cleaning of metals and masonry.

Cutting Discs make it a lot quicker and easier to cut through hard materials with a high-quality cut. Cutting discs have a similar makeup to grinding discs with traditional abrasive grains held together with resin, but new diamond cutting discs offer superior cutting performance. Diamond cutting discs have great temperature resistance and extremely impact resistant to ensure continuous use.

Flap discs are made from layers of abrasive cloth consisting of abrasive material. The abrasive cloth is angled on a supporting plate and last up to 10 times longer than conventional fibre discs. For use on wood, metal, painted surfaces and masonry. As the material wears away it exposes a new, fresh face of abrasive therefore achieving much higher material removal. Flap discs are particularly effective for rust removal and general finishing.

Sanding Discs can be used with power or hand sanding applications, and come in a multitude of options. Their various sizes to suit different tools or project applications makes allows flexibility when sanding either large areas or smaller detailed works. Sanding pads typically have a hook and loop backing for an easy change in and out on both hand pads and power sanders. Other pads may feature an adhesive backing for use with benchtop disk sanders or a locking system for more specific tools. The abrasive grit size on sanding discs relates to the size of the grit.

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Description Price Disc Diameter Disc Type Thickness Abrasive Material Bore Size Grit Size Number in Pack Grade Maximum Safe Speed Application Disc Shape Material Cut Model Series
RS庫存編號 180-8434
357mm Cutting Disc 3.3mm Aluminium Oxide - P80 1 Medium 4400rpm - Round - - -
RS庫存編號 180-8432
125mm Cutting Disc 1.3mm Aluminium Oxide - P120 - Fine 12250rpm - Round - - -
RS庫存編號 180-8433
230mm Cutting Disc 2.1mm Aluminium Oxide - P60 - Medium 6650rpm - Round - - -
RS庫存編號 180-8431
115mm Cutting Disc 1.3mm Aluminium Oxide - P80 - Medium 13300rpm - Round - - -