Soldering Fume Extractors

Use solder fume extractors for protection from hazardous dust and fumes generated from soldering applications. Here at RS we have a range of solder fumes extractors and kits such as desktop smoke absorbers to larger fume extraction units for professional applications.

No matter what design option you choose we guarantee high quality and high protection for your personnel from inhaling hazardous dust and fumes. Our range include leading brand such as Antex Electronics, CIF, Weller, Metcal, Purex and RS PRO.

Types of solder fume extractors

  • Desktop solder smoke absorbers
  • Solder smoke extractor units
  • Fan fume extractors

Which should you choose?

Desktop fume extractors are typically electric and should be used always during soldering. They are lightweight units that can be placed in the desired position to vacuum fumes through activated carbon filtration.

Large solder smoke extractor units are designed for industrial applications. These units are incorporated in a workbench solution with adjustable fume funnels that can be position where they are required. Offers excellent filtration and exceptionally long service life.

What are the benefits?

  • Protection from extremely harmful solder fumes
  • Ideal solution for ensuring breathable quality air during soldering
  • Healthy individuals and the environment
  • Easy to maintain filters


Use fume extractors in any application where smoke or hazardous vapor is a problem, the appropriate extraction units should be used in;

  • Industrial soldering
  • Tip soldering & de-soldering
  • Rework

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- BTX 208 - - - - - - - - - - - -
RS庫存編號 511-5012
- BVX 101 EU5 Pre Filter; Main Filter HEPA 55dB(A) 100 → 240V ac 85W Yes 9kg Euro Plug, UK No 230mm 290mm
RS庫存編號 511-3662
- BVX 201 KIT EU4 Pre Gas; Main Filter HEPA 55dB(A) 100 → 240V ac 85W Yes 9kg Euro Plug, UK Yes 254mm 388mm