Soldering Irons

A soldering iron is a hand-held tool that supplies heat through a heated metal tip enabling you to melt solder. Melting solder helps it flow into the joint between a heating element and a piece of work. Soldering Irons are usually supplied as a kit with a stand so heated soldering tip can be safely secured while not in operation. Also, some iron models even allow for hands-free soldering or de-soldering as a stand can hold a tool in a horizontal position.

Gas Soldering Irons

  • Lead-free, Gas Soldering Irons are normally Butane gas-powered

    • They are useful for doing occasional repairs

    • Cordless for when there is no mains power

    • Reach into areas without a trailing power cord

    • Adjustable flame allows for temperature adjustment

    • Refillable Butane Gas Tanks

    Electric Soldering Irons

    • Suitable for repetitive work (soldering & desoldering)

    • Maintains consistent temperature

    Replaceable Iron Tips

    • Heating is often achieved electrically, bypassing an electric current supplied through an electrical cord or wire

    • A precise trigger ensure accurate soldering and desoldering

    Battery-Powered Soldering Irons

    • Battery-powered tool

    • Rechargeable battery

    • Quick to set up and easy to operate

    • Cable-free power tool, cordless soldering irons

    • Portable design

    Replaceable Iron Tips

    • Ideal for typical professional and DIY uses

    • Soldering irons are used in a variety of applications such as pyrography, in electronics assembly, in workshops, repairing components and for many DIY projects.

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