Raspberry Pi Cameras

Camera modules can be installed onto a Raspberry Pi to capture high-quality HD video and still photographs. The Pi camera modules contain image sensors with an integrated lens, control electronics, and an interface. We have a choice of Raspberry Pi cameras available, including the new official high-quality camera module that is able to capture images up to 12 megapixels! We also have infrared cameras to capture HD video and images at night - an ideal option to use in a Raspberry Pi CCTV system.

Additionally we have a choice of easy to mount interchangeable lenses that will allow you to get shots with different angles, going all the way up to a 220º wide-angle lens.

Why use a Raspberry Pi camera?

Camera boards are great fun and can be used for any camera-based project such as making a stop-motion film, capturing wildlife at night or building a motion detector. The Raspberry Pi Camera V2 is great for filming in light, it has an 8MP image sensor and can reduce image contamination such as fixed noise and smearing. Camera modules feature a variety of control functions that include white balance and luminance detection, as well as exposure control. Other benefits range from high-quality imagery to high data capability. They’re ideal for all video creation, including time-lapse and slow-motion because they are small and demand low power input.

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