IGBT Modules

An IGBT module (insulated-gate bipolar transistor) consists of one or more IGBTs and is used in many types of industrial equipment due to its reliability. IGBT transistors are a cross between bipolar junction transistors (BJTs) and MOSFET. They are highly efficient and fast switching plus they have high current and low saturation voltage characteristics.IGBT transistors are a three-terminal semiconductor device used as a switching element in power converters and variable speed drives to stop or allow power flow. IGBT transistors are controlled by a metal oxide semiconductor gate structure.IGBT modules are widely used for switching electrical power in applications such as inverters, welding, motors, power conditioners, trains and uninterruptible power supplies.A high-speed IGBT module is a product suitable for applications with switching frequencies between 20k and 50 kHz such as power supplies for medical equipment, welding machines, and induction heating. They include a boost chopper module and a half-bridge module.IGBT modules have different configurations such as dual, 3-level, booster, common emitter, single switch, six-pack, chopper, PIM, PIM three-phase input rectifier, twelve pack, four pack and diode.

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Description Price Configuration Transistor Configuration Maximum Continuous Collector Current Maximum Collector Emitter Voltage Maximum Gate Emitter Voltage Number of Transistors Mounting Type Package Type Pin Count Switching Speed Maximum Power Dissipation Dimensions Height Length
RS庫存編號 700-4400
Common Collector 3 Phase 20 A 600 V ±20V - Through Hole IMS-2 13 - - 62.43 x 7.87 x 21.97mm 21.97mm 62.43mm
RS庫存編號 838-6911
3 Phase Bridge 3 Phase 100 A 1700 V ±20V - PCB Mount ECONO4 20 1MHz 600 W 130 x 70.6 x 17mm 17mm 130mm