DIP & SIP Switches

What is a DIP Switch?
A DIP Switch or “dual in-line package switch”, is a manual electrical switch that is packaged with other circuits to control the flow of electricity.
How do they work?
They work simply with on or off switches on the DIP switch its self that tell electricity to flow through the switch once “on” has been achieved.
Features and benefits:
• Gold contacts on some models for high reliability
• Good replacement for jumpers
• Units vary with 1 through to 32 poles.
• Longer poles in some models save loading time in production.
• Can be modified by cutting the poles to required level
• Good service temperature ranges for all environments
• Offer resistances to shock and vibrations in some models
• Inexpensive
• Can check settings without powering them on
Where might I use one?
• PC expansion cards
• Arcade machines
• Automatic garage doors
• Industrial sectors

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Description Price Contact Configuration Contact Current Rating Contact Material Number of Positions Mounting Type Actuator Type Package Style Mechanical Life Maximum Operating Temperature Minimum Operating Temperature Operating Temperature Range IP Rating Dielectric Strength Voltage Rating
RS庫存編號 321-076
DPST 1 A @ 100 V Gold Plated 2 Through Hole Slide DIP 10000Operations +100°C -55°C -55 → +100°C - - 100V ac
RS庫存編號 335-817
SPST 100 mA @ 50 V dc Gold Plated 2 Through Hole Lever DIP 10000Operations +80°C +20°C 20 → +80°C - 500V dc 50V dc