Gas Detectors

p>A gas detector can also be known as a gas analyser, gas meter or gas leak detector. Their main function is to alarm you if there are any hazardous gas leaks, oxygen depletion or other emissions (combustible,flammable and toxic gases) in the area.

Why would you need a gas detector?

Gas detection is an important part of home safety and essential part of commercial and industrial safety systems and provides you with 24/7 monitoring. Gas detectors can come as hand -held portable devices or can be fixed or mounted to walls and ceilings. Most gas detectors are battery operated for safety, so important to check the battery life and do regular maintenance checks.

How do they work?

Within the gas detector, there is a sensor that will measure and monitor the concentration of certain hazardous gases that are in the air, If the gases are detected above a certain level which the sensor is set to then it will trigger an alarm to warn people to evacuate the area. The alarms may be a loud alarm or it may set a strobe light off, or it could do both of these, The gas detector could also send a signal to the building operations department in industrial/ commercial buildings so people are aware of the danger even if they are not in the affected area.

Common Combustible Gases

  • Carbon Monoxide

  • Chlorine

  • Carbon Dioxide

  • Ammonia Hydrogen Sulphide

  • Methane

  • Nitrogen Dioxide

  • Butane Gas

What do they detect?

Gas detectors are categorized by the type of gas they detect. Within this broad range, they are further defined by the technology they use: catalytic and infrared sensors detect combustible gases and electrochemical and metal oxide semiconductor technologies generally detect toxic gases.

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