Thickness Gauges

Thickness gauges are a digital tool for measuring parts or materials in a range of situations. Typically used in engineering, thickness gauges either use a mechanical jaw that’s is closed and reset to zero, then opened to fit around the material or part and then a read out is given of the measurement reading. Other gauges use an ultrasonic sensor to calculate thickness of a material. Gauges have different accuracy tolerances so always consider the accuracy required for the work you are undertaking to have the best tool for the job.
Features and Benefits
• Non-destructive testing
• High level of accuracy
• Ultrasonic gauges only require single sided access
• Simple and quick to use

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Description Price Resolution Accuracy Frequency Display Type Dimensions Battery Type Battery Life IP Rating Kit Contents Height Length Maximum Measurement Maximum Operating Temperature Minimum Measurement
RS庫存編號 205-9610
製造零件編號TO 100-0.01EE
0.01 mm 0.1 mm 5MHz - - - - - - - - 100mm - -