Oscilloscope Kits

What are Oscilloscopes?Oscilloscopes are an essential device for electronic engineers. These devices allows you to see the various and constant changes in signal voltages and can change the functionality with respect to amplitude, frequency, time and distortion.To save money and still have a great oscilloscope, a kit might be the best option. With the kit you will be building your own scope and also learning more about what it takes to put together a scope.Oscilloscopes are an indispensable tool when it comes to understanding circuits or creating your own. They are useful when it comes to helping adjust various types of electronics so that they are working to exact specificationsApplications include: Hobbyists Engineers Scientific laboratories Designing product in R & D Education– teaching basic scientific and engineering measurements Manufacturing

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Description Price Model Number For Use With Kit Type Kit Contents Dimensions Height Length Width Plug Type
RS庫存編號 134-6159
N2133A 1000 X Series Digital Oscilloscope Rack Mount Kit 19 in 4U Rack 483 x 156 x 117mm 117mm 483mm 156mm -
RS庫存編號 725-0558
N6456A 2000 X Series Rack Mount Kit - - - - - -