Tweezers are tools which are used to grab or hold small objects, which may not be possible to pick up by hand. They come in many materials, shapes and sizes, and are designed to sit between the thumb and forefinger. Various tip shapes suit different applications.Additional features include anti-magnetic, solder adhesion resistance, acid-resistance and ESD coatings. Types of Tweezer Tips
  • Bent/Curved - easy control and accuracy whilst remaining comfortable.
  • Blunt - for applications which may get damaged or entangled by a sharp tweezer.
  • Cutting - sharp edges enable cutting soft wires.
  • Flat - ideal for picking up larger objects.
  • Pointed - designed for reaching into small areas for precise pick-up.
  • Round - general purpose use.
  • Wafer - flat tips enable safe handling of silicon wafers in semiconductor manufacturing.

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