Countersink Sets

When it comes to flush fitting screws, a countersink set is perfect for having just the right hole. The range of countersink head sizes allows for the correct profile size when finishing any holes and when matched with the right screw head can give any job that professional and clean finish. Flush mounting screws for aesthetic and safety reasons is made easier with the right tool and countersink sets make sure you always have the right tool for the job.

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Description Price Number of Pieces Number of Flutes Countersink Angle Largest Head Diameter Smallest Head Diameter Material Kit Contents
RS庫存編號 194-7921
整套:1 個
6 - - - - - M10 - 20.5 x 63 - 10mm Shank, M3 - 6.3 x 45 - 5mm Shank, M4 - 8.3 x 50 - 6mm Shank, M5 - 10.4 x 50 - 6mm Shank, M6 - 12.4 x 56 - 8mm Shank, M8 - 16.5 x 60 - 10mm Shank