Twist Drill Bits

Twist drill bits are a hand tool accessories used for drilling material like masonry, wood and sheet metal to create holes. Twist Drill bits are used in conjunction with a power drill and are readily available in various shapes and sizes depending on the material being drilled.

Types of Twist Drill Bits

Jobber drill bit

Long drill bit

Short drill bit

Stub drill bit

Morse Taper drill bit

Self-centring drill bit

What material can they cut?

They can cut through many forms of material, its a question of having the correct drill bit, however typical materials include;





Cast iron

Mild steel

How do they work?

Insert the drill bit into a corded or cordless power drill at the chuck, tighten until its held in place then select the required torque setting. Hold the power drill with both hands securely, apply some pressure then start drilling,

How do you know which type of Twist Drill Bits to use?

It is important to have the correct drill bit when cutting holes. When making a considered purchase there a few things you need to consider; the material being cut, the material & coating of the drill plus the geometry.

Drill point angle

There are 2 general types; 118 ° that drill mild steel aluminum and other soft metals or 135 ° that drills hard steel and tough materials.

What are their strengths?

HSS drill bits are basic, inexpensive and easy to re-sharpen

HSS drill bits with Cobalt are an improvement on HSS, offer greater resistance to heat and wear but is also easy to re-sharpen

Carbide drill bits are the most expensive, usually, give the best heat resistance and last the longest.

When should I sharpen my drill?

As a rule, if your holes are in tolerance and wear & chipping are below 0.5 mm its typically ok to keep using your drill, anything after that you need to consider replacing or sharpening.

Popular Coating

Bright finish

Black oxide

Titanium Nitride (TiN)

Titanium Carbon-Nitride (TiCN)

Titanium Aluminum Nitride (TiAIN)


Proper eye protection must be worn at all times

Only use drills bits made for power tools

Keep hands away from drills bits during application

Applications Information

Twist drill bits are used in Industrial construction, servicing & maintenance applications.

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RS庫存編號 768-2937
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5/32in Twist Drill - HSS 75 mm
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11mm Short - HSS 95 mm
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9/64in Twist Drill - HSS 70 mm