Cross Wrenches & Control Cabinet Keys

Cross Wrenches & Control Cabinet Keys are typically four position arm tools, offering various differing drive possibilities. A must have tool for maintenance engineers.

How do they work?

Cross Wrenches & Control Cabinet Keys are and held tools for actuation of locking systems from the areas of facilities engineering, gas and water supply and shut-off-systems. Select the correct key, turn clockwise or anti-clockwise wise to open or shut mechanism.

What are the key features?

• Key holes with square, triangle, circle, half-moon or stepped shapes
• Material consisting of Alloy steel, Aluminium, Die cast zinc, fibre reinforced plastic or zinc alloy

What different types are there?

• Pen Style
• Switch Key
• Multipurpose

Which application would you use it?

• Facilities locking systems
• Heating, sanitation, air conditioning, electro technology
• Gas, water supply and shut-off-systems

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