Ambersil 33181 High Powered AIR DUSTER 2 Air Duster, 400 ml

  • RS庫存編號 165-4987
  • 製造零件編號 33181
  • 製造商 Ambersil
COO (Country of Origin): BE

Air Duster 400 ml

For the easy removal of dust and loose contamination from precision equipment like cameras and printed circuit boards.

Features and Benefits

• Dry air blast cleaner
• Non-flammable
• Extension tube helps to reach inaccessible / remote areas
• Meets military specification - NATO catalogue No. 6830-99-3826112
• Safe on plastics, rubbers and painted surfaces


• Ambersil aerosols should always be stored below 50°C, away from direct heat and naked flame

Application Information

Suitable for instant cleaning of inaccessible areas or where the use of solvents is not desirable. Can be used safely and efficiently on computers, microscopes, oscilloscope, cameras, lenses, watches, precision instruments, laboratory equipment and photocopiers.


The product should be held in a fairly upright position and sprayed directly onto the part to be treated. The extension tube helps to reach remote areas and components.

Ambersil Air Duster

The Ambersil air duster is a 400ml, aerosol powerful and dry duster spray. This Air duster/2 is a high pressure, inert, liquefied, non-flammable gas that gives powerful blast for the easy removal of dust and loose contamination from precision equipment. It has a slight ethereal odour

Features and Benefits:

• Dry air blast cleaner
• Extension tube helps to reach inaccessible/ remote areas
• Global Warming Potential (GWP) of just 6
• Safe on plastics, rubbers and painted surfaces
• Formulated without the use of any CFCs or HCFCs


• Cameras
• Computers
• Laboratory equipment
• Microscopes
• Office equipment
• Oscilloscopes


• BS EN 61340-5-1:2007
• CE certified
• NATO catalogue No. 6830-99-3826112

Attribute Value
Package Size 400 ml
Package Type Aerosol
Delicate and Optics Use Yes
Flammable No
Invertible No
High Power Yes
Trade Name AIR DUSTER 2
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