nVent-Schroff Test Connector Adapter With Copper contacts and Gold Plated

COO (Country of Origin): DE

Eurocard test adapter in accordance with DIN 41612

Test adapter with printed circuit boards made from epoxy glass-reinforced laminate EP-GC02, in accordance with DIN 40802 (FR4)
For cards up to 3 HE in height (100 mm)

Layer structure
1L model Printed circuit board, laminated on one side (suitable up to 2 MHz).
2L model Printed circuit board, laminated on both sides and through hole plated (suitable up to approx. 8 MHz).
4L model Multilayer, 4-layer (suitable from 8 MHz). Multi-layer technology with large-surface internal layers
(signal-surface-surface-signal). With the coaxial design, you can solder the large-surface internal layers with as many pins as you like using electrical soldering irons.
Plug model DIN 41612 Card depth mm Type
C 64 160 1L
  220 1L
C 96 160 2L
  220 2L
F 48 160 2L
  220 2L
H15 160 1L
  220 1L
M (24 / H7) 160 2L
  220 2L

PC / VME Bus Boards

PC Compatible Prototyping Boards

Prototyping boards manufactured from epoxy glass material to BS 4584 part 3 or 16. Card thickness is 1.6 mm. Copper is 305 g/m (1 oz/ft). Edge connector fingers are gold plated to a thickness of 1.5 microns. 1.0 mm (0.040 in.). Diameter holes are pre-drilled on a 2.54 mm (0.1 in.) matrix.

Microboard Pattern

Incorporates, on the component side of the card, a colander ground plane for maximum screening and glitch free high speed operation, and complete solder mask protection.

Attribute Value
Contact Material Copper
Contact Plating Gold
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