RS PRO Digital Bench Power Supply 720W, 1 Output 0 → 80V 27A

  • RS庫存編號 124-0237
  • 製造商 RS PRO
COO (Country of Origin): TW

RS PRO Digital Bench Power Supply

Introducing the RS PRO IPS Series DC Power Supply. This Bench Power Supply has a programmable switch-mode and a multi-range feature for flexible and efficient configuration of voltage and current within the rated power range. These benchtop power supplies can be connected in series (maximum two units) or in parallel (maximum three units) for higher voltage or higher current output to meet the needs of a broad range of applications. The combination of multi-range power and series/parallel connection reduces the cost of power supply products to accommodate projects with different power requirements. CV/CC priority selection protects the DUT from inrush current damage, making possible tasks that would be challenging for a conventional power supply. The adjustable slew rate enables operators to set for either output voltage or output current, a specific rise time from low to high-level transition, and a specific fall time from high to low-level transition. This facilitates the characteristic verification of a DUT during voltage or current level changes with controllable slew rates. OVP and OCP levels can be selected and, when tripped, will cause power output to be switched off to protect the DUT.

Features and Benefits:

• This DC Bench Power Supply provides constant power output for multi-range (V&I) operations, allowing greater flexibility depending on your power requirements
• CV/CC priority protecting from DUT inrush current damage
• Adjustable slew rate to allow switching of the amplifier response levels
• This bench supply works with series and parallel operation for work on a wide range of applications
• High efficiency and high power density
• Overvoltage protection (OVP) and over current protection (OCP)
• Standard interfaces LAN, USB, analog control
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• Dimensions 71 x 124 x 350 (IPS 30-36, 80-13.5), 142 x 124 x 350 (IPS 30-72, 80-27), 214 x 124 x 350 (IPS 30-108, 80-40.5)
• Weight approximately 3 kg (IPS 30-36, 80-13.5), 5.3 kg (IPS 30-72, 80-27), 7.5 kg (IPS 30-108, 80-40.5)

Supplied with:

• Programming manual and user manual on CD-ROM
• Test lead
• Power cord
• USB cable
• Basic accessories kit
• Output terminal cover

Supplied with

Programming manual and user manual on CD-ROM, test lead, power cord, USB cable, basic accessories kit, output terminal cover

Attribute Value
Output Voltage 0 → 80V
Output Current 27A
Number of Outputs 1
Type Digital
Power Rating 720W
Supply Voltage 85 → 265V ac
Number of Displays 1
Input Connector IEC 320
Output Connector Plug-In Terminal Block
Minimum Temperature 0°C
Maximum Temperature +50°C
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單價 個
HK$ 12,572.56
Per unit
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