• RS庫存編號 122-3007
  • 製造零件編號 SIMBA-PRO
  • 製造商 SensiEDGE
COO (Country of Origin): IL

SensiEDGE Simba-Pro SensiBLE IoT Module

From SensiEdge, the Simba-Pro SensiBLE IoT module is a self-contained, certified, microcontroller and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module with a number of sensors. This module can easily be integrated into end designs. It is a cost-effective solution and has low power consumption.

The Simba-Pro SensiBLE IoT module is ’hardware ready’ meaning that it can easily be integrated into any embedded design. With wireless connectivity, you don’t need any RF experience or expertise in order to use this module.

The SensiBLE module is a combination of the STMicroelectronics Nucleo development boards. You can develop your prototype using this module then switch to using individual components in your final design without significant rework. It also offers the opportunity to use the module initially while your volumes increase then switch to components for full-scale production. It is a compact size with a small footprint.

What’s on board?

• STM32L476RG ARM Cortex-M4 32-bit microcontroller (RS 896-7692)
• SPBTLE-RF power module for Bluetooth Smart v4.1 at 2.4 GHz
• LSM6DS3 3D accelerometer and 3D gyroscope (RS 110-6552)
• LIS3MDL 3-axis magnetometer (RS 917-2725)
• HTS221TR relative humidity and temperature (RS 110-6598)
• LPS25H MEMS pressure sensor (RS 829-6962)
• APDS-9250 digital RGB, IR and ambient light sensor with colour detection
• MP34DT01-M stereo digital microphone
• AT25XE041B 4-Mbit SPI SPI Flash data logger
• ME05140SMC03 buzzer
• LTST-C195KGJRKT dual colour red-green LED (RS 692-1307)
• SS304BS Pushbutton

Technical details

• Connect external components by using GPIO, I2C, SPI, SDIO, ADC, PWM, UART
• Power supply by either coin cell battery, rechargeable battery, mini-USB or external power
• Size: 30 x 20 x 10 mm
• Certified Bluetooth Low-Energy transceiver with integrated antenna
• High-speed clock oscillator at 32 MHz
• External low power clock 32.768 kHz
• Bluetooth data rate: 1 Mb/s
• PS3M34-114GBOTB-U pin header connector
• Link Budget 92 dB


With its compact size and range of integrated sensors, the Simba-Pro is ideal for use in wearable devices. It provides position sensing and activity recognition.

This IoT module can also be used to monitor surroundings and light and is ideal for home automation and smart home applications.

It can be plugged straight into a host board and will start streaming data directly to a smartphone or Bluetooth enabled device. It can even be used for low power voice commands.

Can I connect to apps?
The Simba-Pro SensiBLE IoT module is supported by the ST BlueMS app available for Android or iOS. You can also use the new STBLESensor app. Again, this is available for Android or iOS platforms.

Can I connect to the Cloud?
Yes, you can connect to the Cloud. This is standard functionality for SensiEdge modules allowing you to use the module immediately to begin development.

What expansion boards can I use?
The Simba-Pro SensiBLE module can easily be integrated with Arduino shields.

Can I harvest energy?
Yes, you can harvest energy. However, a minimum of 2 V must be generated by the system that is harvesting the energy.

What software do I need?
The Simba-Pro SensiBLE IoT module is supported by the Arduino IDE (integrated development environment) cross-platform application. You can also use the IAR or Keil IDE to develop firmware. Both of these are supported by open source communities and are completely free to use.

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