Phoenix Contact AI - Twin Sorti Series Bootlace Ferrule Kit, Assorted

COO (Country of Origin): DE

Phoenix Contact 225 Piece Bootlace Ferrule Kit - AI-SORTI BOX BU 3202986

AI-SORTI bootlace ferrule kit containing an assortment of 225 insulated double wire entry colour-coded bootlace ferrules which are in accordance to DIN 46228-4. The box containing the ferrules is constructed of a blue coloured plastic with a transparent slide cover - allowing quick access to the terminals. The plastic box also features an integrated euro-clip, so it can be hung on perforated wallboards to save space.

Features and Benefits

• The kit contains a generous assortment of 225 colour coded, double wire entry bootlace ferrules
• The box containing the varied ferrules is constructed of a hard-wearing, robust plastic that allows it to be stored and transported with ease
• A transparent slide cover placed on the top of the box allows the user to easily identify the bootlace ferrule inside and provides a safe, dry place for them to be kept - a practical solution for keeping a tidy and safe environment to work in
• Each boot lace ferrule is colour coded, making it easy for the user to identify and access them
• Includes an integrated euro-clip for hanging onto perforated wallboards, enabling further space-saving
• In accordance to DIN 46228-4

What is a Bootlace Ferrule?

These bootlace ferrules are moulded with a colour-coded insulating collar which is made up of plastic. The ferrule is slipped over the end of a multi-stranded wire or cable, crimped and then inserted into a screw or spring clamp connection. When a multi-stranded wire has been stripped and placed under a screw terminal, the strands of wire will naturally fan out because of the pressure of the screw, with some of the strands going completely astray - this dramatically reduces the quality of an electrical connection, it could also result in an electrical short. This is when a bootlace ferrule can comes in to play, their flared design and insulated funnel restricts all the fanned-out strands. Once a bootlace ferrule has been applied, it is then crimped together with a crimp tool and inserted into a terminal to create the electrical connection.

Kit Contents
Kit: A1 SORTI BOX RD - Stock Number 804-6928      
Description Quantity Manufacturer Part No RS Stock Number
White wire ferrule, 0.5mm2 50 AI 0,5 - 8 WH 804-6701
Blue wire ferrule, 2.5mm2 50 AI 2.5-8 BU 804-6776
Grey wire ferrule, 0.75mm2 100 AI 0.75-8 GY 804-6773
Red wire ferrule, 1mm2 100 AI 1-8 RD 804-6708
Black wire ferrule, 1.5mm2 100 AI 1.5-8 BK 804-6717
Kit: AI SORTI BOX ANT - Stock Number 804-6922 Quantity Manufacturer Part No RS Stock Number
Grey wire ferrule, 4mm2 50 AI 4-10 GY 804-6770
Yellow wire ferrule, 6mm2 20 AI 6-12 YE 804-6789
Red wire ferrule, 10mm2 20 AI 10-12 RD 804-6782
Blue wire ferrule, 16mm2 10 AI 16-12 BU 804-6786
Kit: AI-TWIN SORTI BOX BU - Stock Number 804-6931 Quantity Manufacturer Part No RS Stock Number
White twin wire ferrule, 0.5mm2 50 AI-TWIN 2X 0,5 - 8 WH 804-6843
Grey twin wire ferrule, 0.75mm2 50 AI-TWIN 2X 0,75- 8 GY 804-6821
Red twin wire ferrule, 1mm2 50 AI-TWIN 2X 1 - 8 RD 804-6830
Black twin wire ferrule, 1.5mm2 50 AI-TWIN 2X 1,5 - 8 BK 804-6833
Blue twin wire ferrule, 2.5mm2 25 AI-TWIN 2X 2,5 -10 BU 804-6837

Phoenix Contact Bootlace Ferrules

Attribute Value
Number of Entries 2
Colour Assorted
Series AI - Twin Sorti
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HK$ 219.08
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