Pico Technology PicoLog 1216 Voltage Data Logger, Maximum Voltage Measurement 2.5V, USB 2.0, Mains Powered

COO (Country of Origin): GB

PicoLog 1000 Series Multichannel Voltage Data Loggers

Designed to meet the needs of a wide range of general-purpose voltage, sensor and transducer logging applications, the PicoLog 1000 series multichannel voltage data loggers include everything needed for immediate use with a full suite of software including the ready to go PicoLog data logging package, the PicoScope oscilloscope package and an software development kit for writing user programs

Unipolar analogue input channels
Independent software-configurable channels, ranges, scaling and control outputs
up to 4 software configurable digital output lines
3 sampling modes to meet most data logging needs:
REAL-TIME continuous provides averaged, time-accurate readings with automatic measurements,
STREAMING allows channel voltage readings to be logged continuously at 1 kS/s on any number of channels
BLOCK MODE captures at the full 1 MS/s sample rate of the logger for the duration of the 8k sample buffer.
Up to 1 MS/s sample rate
USB connected and powered
Software and pin-compatible with Pico USB ADC-11
Works with Windows XP and Vista (32 and 64-bit)
Software development kit Includes Application Programming Interface (API) and examples for C/C++/C#, VB, LabVIEW VIs

Supplied with

Terminal board for custom front-end circuitry, USB 2.0 lead, PicoLog and PicoScope software and software development kit

Pico PC Based Data Acquisition

General Features for All Units:

Easy to use PC-based data acquisition products that plug into a USB port on your PC (desktop or laptop) and require no power supply. Replacing costly chart recorders and complicated "plug in" data acquisition boards, these instruments allow your computer to display and record voltages. By connecting suitable sensors they can be used to measure temperature, pressure, humidity, light levels, current, power, speed, vibration, oxygen content and other signals.

Measures and logs temperature, pressure, humidity, light resistance, current, power, speed, vibration, oxygen levels & other signals depending on unit chosen, please see data sheets.
PicoLog software can collect data at rates from 1000 per second (depending on the speed of your computer and the operating system) to once per hour; up to 1 million samples can be collected
Data can be displayed in both graphical or spreadsheet format both during and after data collection
Programmable alarm limits can be set for each channel
PicoLog can collect data from multiple converters at the same time. This not only allows a mix of these voltage inputs units to be used on the same PC, but also allows other PC based instruments such as the TC-08 (temperature measurement) and the ADC-200 oscilloscope to be used at the same time
For users who wish to write their own software, drivers and examples are available for C, Pascal, Delphi, Visual Basic, HP VEE and LABVIEW.

Attribute Value
Measurement Parameters Voltage
Number of Input Channels 16
Interface Type USB 2.0
Maximum Voltage Measurement 2.5V
Power Source Mains
Minimum Operating Temperature 0°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +70°C
Best Voltage Measurement Accuracy ±0.5 %
Number of Readings Per Channel 8000
Dimensions 140 x 100 x 45mm
Alarm Yes
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