Pico Technology PP707 Digital I/O, Humidity, Light, pH, Pulse, Resistance, Sound, Temperature Data Logger

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USB DrDAQ® 2011 Data Logging Kit - PP707

While the USB DrDAQ DrDAQ data logger unit (RS 749-1914) comes with many built-in sensors, the USB DrDAQ Data Logging Kit PP707 (RS 749-1917) contains additional sensors and probes to enable many other measurments to be taken, therefore allowing further experiments to take place immediately.

Supplied with

USB DrDAQ data logger board
pH electrode
Dr DAQ 2metre temperature sensors
DrDAQ humidity sensor
Software CD
USB Installation Guide
3m sensor extension cable
Scope probe x1 / x10 switchable
USB2 cable, 1.8 metre, blue

Dr DAQ represents a breakthrough in data logging. Simply plug Dr DAQ into the parallel port of any PC, run the supplied software and you are ready to collect and display data. Everything required is supplied: Dr DAQ uses power from the PC so no batteries are required. Dr DAQ is an ideal tool for engineers or can be at the heart of hundreds of educational science experiments.
As well as the built-in sensors, Dr DAQ has two sockets for external sensors. When a sensor is plugged in to Dr DAQ the software detects it and automatically scales readings. For example if a temperature sensor is plugged in readings are displayed in °C. Details are provided to allow users to develop their own sensors.

Very low cost data logger
On board sensors for light, sound and temperature
ISKS/s enables Dr DAQ to capture fast signals (e.g. sound waveforms)
Built-in sensors for light, sound and temperature
Sockets for external sensors
Measures pH - just plug in any standard electrode
Output for control experiments
Simply plug into your PC and measure. PicoLog (data logging) and PicoScope (oscilloscope and spectrum analyser) software included

Dr DAQ Built-in Sensors

Temperature is sensed using a precision Thermistor. It can measure over the range 0 to 70°C with a resolution of 0.1°C (at 25°C)
The light sensor is designed for measuring ambient light levels. It has a fast response so can also be used to measure the flicker of lights or computer monitors
The internal microphone measures both sound level and sound waveforms. Sound level is 'A law' weighted to match the response of the human ear and can be measured over the range 55 to 100dBA. Sound waveforms can be displayed in both the time (oscilloscope) and frequency (spectrum analyser) domain
Voltage (0 to 5V) and Resistance (0 to 1MΩ) can be measured using the screw terminal connectors
A digital output and a LED are also provided for control/alarm purposes. These can be set on/off using threshold limits on any channel

Attribute Value
Measurement Parameters Digital I/O, Humidity, Light, PH, Pulse, Resistance, Sound, Temperature
Number of Input Channels 14
Interface Type USB 2.0
Maximum Voltage Measurement 5V
Maximum Temperature Measurement +70 °C
Power Source Mains
Best Temperature Measurement Accuracy ±2 °C
Dimensions 77 x 70 x 23mm
Humidity Measurement Resolution 0.2%
Includes Extension Cable, Humidity Sensor, PH Electrode, Scope Probe, Software, Temperature Sensor x 2, USB Cable, User Manual
Best Humidity Measurement Accuracy ±10 %
Temperature Measurement Resolution 0.1°C
Maximum Humidity Measurement 90%RH
Alarm Yes
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