Phoenix Contact, RB UT6-(2.5/4) Reducing Bridge for Modular Terminal Block

COO (Country of Origin): PL

FBS Plug-in jumper bridges - Phoenix Contact

The FBS series of jumper bars from Phoenix Contact are small bridges that are designed to connect (or bridge) terminal blocks that are in the CLIPLINE range. These bridges come with a red/blue plastic cover over the pins so it's easy for you to simply push in the bridge into your terminal block with ease. Not to mention, these jumper bars save massive amounts of time thanks to them being a simple push-in connection, rather than having to strip and push in every individual wire to bridge terminal blocks.

The FBS series of jumper bars allows for up to 24 A as maximum load current, although that value can differ if you're using different terminal blocks.

Features and benefits:

  • Pitch of 5.2mm with a length dependant on the position of the bridge

  • FBS is designed to be used in Plug-in bridge scenarios

  • The maximum load current of an impressive 24 A

  • Effortless to use, simply push into your terminal block and save time

Complete Line:

The FBS Jumper bars are a-part of Phoenix Contacts vast and comprehensive portfolio. Complete line is a solution from Phoenix Contact that gives you a full range of products that all go hand-in-hand to make a perfect control cabinet. It covers all bases from connections, switching and measuring all the way to controlling, supplying and automation. Choosing complete line products makes it far more efficient to get a cabinet working.

FB Series

Attribute Value
Accessory Type Reducing Bridge
Series RB UT6-(2.5/4)
For Use With Modular Terminal Block
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