EA Elektro-Automatik Electronic Load, ELR 9000, EA-ELR 91500-30 3U, 0 → 30 A, 0 → 1500 V, 0 →

COO (Country of Origin): DE

EA-ELR 9000 3.5kW - 10.5kW Series Electronic Loads with Energy Recovery

The Elektro-Automatic EA-ELR 9000 Series of electronic DC loads with energy recovery offers new voltage, current and power ratings to facilitate wide-ranging application. These devices incorporate the four common regulation modes of constant voltage, constant current, constant power and constant resistance. The FPGA-based control circuit provides additional features. The electronic load does not dissipate energy extracted from a DC source to ambient. It recovers energy extracted from a DC source and feeds back more than 90% of this energy into the AC grid (inverter/recovery function). This reduces drastically the electricity bill and eases the heat management inside a burn-in facility - reducing or even waiving investment in temperature-conditioning equipment, which is also a substantial electric energy consumer. These recovery e-loads are up to three times smaller than a conventional heat-dissipating e-load. The large blue LCD touch panel offers a different and intuitive style of manual operation. Response times for control via analog or digital interfaces benefit from DSP-controlled hardware. Two USB ports and an analog interface are built-in. There is also a slot for interface modules on the rear side.
Pluggable and retrofittable digital interface modules can be purchased separately and include: CANopen, EA-IF-AB-CANO, 801-1272 ; Ethernet 1-port, EA-IF-AB-DNET, 801-1275 ; Ethernet 2-port, EA-IF-AB-ETH2P, 801-1288 ; Profibus, EA-IF-AB-PBUS, 801-1263 ; ProfiNet, EA-IF-AB-PNET2P, 801-1281 ; RS232, EA-IF-AB-RS232, 801-1269 ; ModBus-TCP, EA-IF-AB-MBUS2P, 801-1279 .

3.5kW, 7.0kW, 10.5kW, depending on choice of model
0-80V, 0-250V, 0-500V, 0-750V, 0-1000V, 0-1500V, depending on choice of model
0-22A up to 0-510A, depending on choice of model
FPGA controlled and programmable
DC-to-AC Inverter function with energy recovery into the AC grid (electricity/cost saving)
Insulated analogue interface 0-5V/0-10V & USB on board
Operation modes CV, CC, CP, CR
Integrated sequencer with default waveforms, memory functions
Graphic display with touch function and setting encoder (intuitive easy-to-use HMI)
Plug’n play digital interface slot (many optional interfaces available separately e.g. Ethernet, CANopen, Profibus)
Control software 'easyload pro' for automated testing & data logging
Housing 19” 3U for all power ratings up to 10.5kW
Master-slave parallel operation, stackable to create load racks of up to 100kW and beyond


For laboratory usage in R&D and industry, where low-noise and low-heat dissipation is crucial
Automated load test benches and burn-in rooms with critical temperature condition
Programmable/sequenced load testing and aging simulation of DC sources (power supplies) of any kind such as battery chargers, telecom power supplies, industrial and laboratory power supplies, open-frame/built-in power supplies, with the ability to recover the extracted energy into the AC grid
Programmable/sequenced load testing of DC sources such as PV modules (solar arrays), car and truck alternators, electric vehicle motors (operating in generator mode) with the ability to recover the extracted energy into the AC grid
Discharging of all types of accumulators (batteries) such as Lithium, lead, Ni-Ca, Ni-MH as well as fuel cells
Programmed/sequenced testing of semiconductors, passive and active electronic components such us rectifiers, fuses, IGBT, transistors, contacts, diodes, circuit breakers etc. with the ability to recover the load energy into the AC grid


Attribute Value
Series ELR 9000
Constant Wattage Mode Range 0 → 10500 W
Constant Voltage Mode Range 0 → 1500 V
Constant Current Mode Range 0 → 30 A
Constant Resistance Mode Range 1.2 → 1450 Ω
Efficiency 94.5 %
Rack Units 3 U
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HK$ 136,157.96
Per unit
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