RS PRO 4 Socket Socket

  • RS庫存編號 696-3648
  • 製造零件編號 SWC45-47
  • 製造商 Masterplug

Individually Switched

Brought to you by RS Pro, this 4 way switched extension lead is suitable for a variety of electrical applications. Manufactured from a completely flame retardant polycarbonate, this extension lead performs excellently in both commercially and domestic environments. The trailing socket has a neon indicator so you can tell whether it is receiving power, and features individually switched sockets for added convenience.

Features and Benefits

• UK Plug with 5 m cable
• 4 British Type G sockets, individually switched
• Low cost, due to non-added surge protection
• Flame retardant plastic


Due the benefits of both extending the length and increased the sockets of a standard mains outlet, an extension lead has almost endless applications. They are typically used in;

• Mobile phone chargers, including those with a USB connectivity
• Household entertainment (TVs, satellite boxes, routers etc)
• Industrial machines and equipment
• Office desks (Monitors, computers, phones)
• Any electrical device needed to be powered by the mains


Q: Is this trailing socket surge protected?

A: This socket does not offer surge protection. Though this results in a more cost-effective unit, it lacks extra protection against power surges that might damage sensitive electronic equipment.

Q: How can I mount this socket?

A: This socket is designed to be used as a trailing socket, and so rests on a flat surface. It cannot be mounted otherwise without modification.


RS PRO provides a comprehensive range of power and power extension solutions at affordable prices. Our trailing sockets, power plugs, and power adaptors are tested by RS experts to assure quality and reliability.

Whether you're powering industrial machinery or domestic appliances, RS PRO has a power plug or socket to suit your needs.

Manufactured from flame retardant polycarbonate
Four individually switched UK Type-G BS 1363 sockets
5 metre cord fitted with a UK Type-G BS 1363 plug

Attribute Value
Type Extension Lead
Cable Length 5m
Number of Sockets 4
Mains Plug Type Type G - British BS1363
Socket Type Type G - British
Switchable Yes
Colour White
981 現貨庫存,可於3工作日發貨。
單價 個
HK$ 199.09
Per unit
1 - 4
5 +