RS PRO 4 Socket Socket

  • RS庫存編號 696-3651
  • 製造零件編號 SRG42
  • 製造商 Masterplug

Surge & Filtered

Protect your Hi-Fi and computer equipment from power surges and spikes. Appliances are protected by absorbing / smoothing any variations in power supply.

Features and Benefits

• 2 m Cable
• RS Pro Stock number 696-3663, which is a 6 gang is able to be switched to an on or off position
• Protection against voltage overload
• Extension for both domestic and industrial purposes
• 2 m is the standard length for this range of extensions
• UK Plug and sockets

What is an extension lead?

An extension lead is a power distribution unit consisting of a number of sockets, sometimes also called a gang extension. When an extension is required, they are plugged into the mains through a lead and the sockets are able to individually power their respective plugs. This branches out the opportunity for mains sockets to power more than one device at a time. An extension lead would be used in various situations and environments, including in the workplace and domestically.

What is surge protection?

Surge protection is a safety feature installed within these RS Pro extension leads. Power surges can occur through natural means such as a violent lightning storm, or high voltage spikes caused by crossing wires or metals. The built in surge protection, ensures the connected device to the sockets will not have a sudden spike of voltage, capable of damaging or destroying the device.

What is an extension lead used for?

Due the benefits of both extending the length and increasing the sockets of a standard mains outlet. An extension lead has almost endless uses, as does an extension reel. It's impossible to list every use, but as an example, some of the applications listed below are common applications.

• Mobile phone chargers, including those with a USB connectivity
• Household entertainment (TVs, satellite boxes, routers etc)
• Industrial machines and equipment
• Office desks (Monitors, computers, phones)
• Any electrical device needed to be powered by the mains

Attribute Value
Type Extension Lead
Cable Length 2m
Number of Sockets 4
Socket Type Type G - British
Surge Protection Yes
Colour White