Cypress Semiconductor 4Mbit Serial-SPI FRAM Memory 8-Pin GQFN, CY15B104QI-20LPXI


Low power, 4-Mbit nonvolatile memory employing an advanced ferroelectric process. A ferro-electric random access memory or F-RAM is nonvolatile and performs reads and writes similar to a RAM. It provides reliable data retention for 151 years while eliminating the complexities,overhead, and system-level reliability problems caused by serial flash, EEPROM, and other nonvolatile memories.Unlike serial flash and EEPROM, performs write operations at bus speed. Data is written to the memory array immediately after each byte is successfully transferred to the device. The next bus cycle can commence without the need for data polling. Product offers substantial write endurance compared to other nonvolatile memories. Capable of supporting 1015 read/write cycles, or 1000 million times morewrite cycles than EEPROM. Ideal for nonvolatile memory applications, requiring frequent or rapid writes. Provides substantial benefits to users of serial EEPROM or flash as a hardware drop-in replacement.

Attribute Value
Memory Size 4Mbit
Organisation 512K x 8 bit
Interface Type Serial-SPI
Data Bus Width 8bit
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Package Type GQFN
Pin Count 8
Dimensions 3.28 x 3.33 x 0.5mm
Length 3.28mm
Maximum Operating Supply Voltage 3.6 V
Width 3.33mm
Height 0.5mm
Maximum Operating Temperature +85 °C
Number of Bits per Word 8bit
Minimum Operating Supply Voltage 1.8 V
Number of Words 512K
Minimum Operating Temperature -40 °C