Adafruit 684, 0.96in OLED Display Module


Adafruit 0.96 inch OLED Screen Breakout Board with microSD Card Holder

A tiny screen yet delivers huge contrast and brightness and is perfect for displaying text or graphics. OLED screens do not need a backlight helping them to be energy efficient. Current draw depends on usage as each OLED LED draws current only when on. The more pixels which are lit, the more current is used.

The screen measure 0.96 inch and has 96 x 64 pixels.

This board uses the SSD1331 driver chip, which manages the display and you interface with it using SPI (clock, data, chip select, data/command and an optional reset pin).

The board and screen are supplied as a fully assembled breakout which includes a small boost converter (required for providing 12 V to the OLED) and a micro-SD card holder. It also has built-in logic level shifting so you can use it with 3 V to 5 V dc power and logic levels.

- 0.96" diagonal OLED
- 16-bit colour
- SPI interface
- 3.3 V to 5 V logic and power
- Micro-USB card holder (card not included)
- PCB size: 31.5 x 35.5 x 5 mm
- Current draw roughly 25 mA but depends on usage

Passive Matrix OLED Displays

Attribute Value
Diagonal Display Size 0.96in
Display Technology OLED Display
Kit Classification Module
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