Dual M.2 SATA Adapter with RAID

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25S22M2NGFFR Dual M2 to SATA Adapter

Boost your system performance by enhancing the capacity, speed and security of your data storage. This two-drive M.2 to SATA adapter lets you install two M.2 solid-state drives in a single 2.5 drive bay and configure a powerful RAID array.Build a RAID array to enhance system performanceThe dual M.2 to SATA adapter supports multiple RAID modes (RAID 0, 1, BIG) helping you to achieve greater SSD capacity or data redundancy, depending on your selected RAID mode. The SSD adapter also supports non-RAID operation (JBOD) when paired with a port-multiplying SATA controller, so both drives can be used independent of one another.Maximize file transfer speedsThe dual SSD adapter lets you utilize the full potential of your SATA III controller. Using M.2 SSDs in place of a platter drive reduces your data transfer bottlenecks and gives you file transfer speeds of up to 6 Gbps. M.2 SSDs also save you money by reducing your power consumption over regular platter drives.The M.2 NGFF SATA RAID adapter also provides TRIM support to enhance the stability and performance of your M.2 NGFF SSDs.Get dependable drive protectionThe M.2 to SATA adapter features an enclosed housing that helps protect your NGFF (Next Generation Form Factor) SSD. The added protection gives you peace of mind when you are using your M.2 drives in applications that require an added level of durability such as hot-swap drive bays, or external SATA docking stations.The 25S22M2NGFFR is backed by a StarTech.com 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.

Features & Benefits

Install two M.2 NGFF SSDs into a single 2.5 SATA bay and build a powerful RAID array Supports RAID 0, RAID 1, spanning, or JBOD Add M.2 SSD performance to any computer system by converting M.2 to SATA Protect your M.2 (NGFF) SSDs in any 2.5in application with enclosed housing Supports TRIM to help ensure stable performance of your M.2 SSDs Supports SATA I/II/III (up to 6Gbps) 2.5in SATA form factor housing Broad compatibility with support for the most common SATA M.2 SSDs (2230, 2242, 2260, 2280) Not compatible with M.2 NVMe or AHCI PCI-Express SSDs


Add data redundancy to your system, by adding a mirrored SSD (RAID 1) Increase the storage capacity of your system by adding an additional SSD in a RAID array (RAID 0/BIG) Turn two unused M.2 drives into a regular 2.5in SATA solid-state drive Retrieve/backup data from an M.2 (NGFF) drive using a standard SATA computer Use M.2 drives in any 2.5 in. SATA application

Whats in the package?

dual M.2 NGFF SATA RAID adapter M.2 drive mount hardware screws mini screwdriver quick start guide


How can I tell which M.2 hard drives will work with this device?Although M.2 SSDs come in similar form factors, only an M.2 SATA drive with an NGFF B key will operate with this device. M.2 drives that are PCIe or have a different key position are not compatible with this device. This device can adapt an M.2 SATA drive to standard SATA connections, which is not possible for a PCIe based M.2 drive. The key type refers to the connector type on the M.2 SATA drive. B key can be M.2 PCIe x2 or SATA, so it is important that you check the specifications of the drive to see if it supports SATA.

Attribute Value
Type Adapter
Supported Form Factor M.2 SATA
Dimensions 99 x 70 x 8mm
Number of Drives Supported 2
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