RS PRO Bi-metal 19 76 mm 15 piece Hole Saw Set

  • RS庫存編號 216-022
  • 製造商 RS PRO
COO (Country of Origin): CN

RS Pro 15 Piece Hole Saw Kit

Professional 15 piece hole saw kit supplied in a carry case with cut outs. For power tool use.

Features and benefits

Designed for cutting holes in material without damaging the surrounding area
Ideal for light installations, cable routes in desks and access points plasterboard
Cut out foam filled case for a secure fit and easy identification of the correct or missing part
Secure latches so box stays closed during transportation and storage


A hole saw is a circular shaped hole cutter, used for cutting clean and precise round holes into a variety of materials such as wood and metal, without having to cut up the centre of the material. Hole saws can feature an arbor, which allows them to be used with power tools and generally feature a pilot drill bit to guide the saw, preventing the teeth from walking and offering a smoother, more accurate cut. The main benefit of using a hole saw is the fact that less effort and power is required for the power drill to power cutting the hole, which in turn saves energy and preserves the battery life of cordless power tools. Hole saws are used by plumbers, electricians and builders for a variety of applications like:

  • Installation of door hardware

  • Creating holes for pipework, plumbing or electrical cabling and wiring

  • Installation of drainage pipes

  • Installation of light fixtures

  • Creating holes or vents in masonry


What is included?

Holesaws: 19; 22; 25; 32; 35; 38; 44; 51; 57; 64; 76 mm; Arbor: 6.5; 9.5 mm; 6.5 mm Pilot Drill; 300 mm Arbour Extension, Carry case with foam inserts.

Why use a bi-metal hole saw?

Bi-metal hole saws are the most used type of hole saw due to their versatility with cutting various materials. They offer a much cleaner cut with reduced vibration, ensuring excellent precision and comfort. Bi-metal hole saws are manufactured by joining two metals together, offering a highly durable saw that is ideal for use with a wide range of materials.

Supplied with

Polyethylene case.

Attribute Value
Number of Pieces 15
Maximum Size 76mm
Minimum Size 19mm
Material Bi-metal
Set Contents Holesaws: 19; 22; 25; 32; 35; 38; 44; 51; 57; 64; 76 mm; Arbour: 6.5; 9.5 mm; 6.5 mm Pilot Drill; 300 mm Arbour Extension
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單價 個
HK$ 1,169.01
Per unit
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