Schaffner,6A,250 V ac Male Panel Mount IEC Filter 2 Pole FN282-6-06,Faston 2 Fuse

  • RS庫存編號 170-4959
  • 製造零件編號 FN282-6-06
  • 製造商 Schaffner

High Performance Compact FN282,FN284,FN285 and FN286

The FN280 series from Schaffner are compact filtered power entry modules. The FN 280 series brings together a 2 pole rocker switch, IEC inlet, mains filter and single or dual fuse holder (depending on the model). With the potential to help you pass EMI system approval in a short period, the availability of these standard filters and their safety acceptances means that they are a practical solution.

Features & Benefits

2 pole rocker switch
Excellent thermal behaviour
High conducted attenuation performance
High saturation resistance
Mechanical life of 50000 cycles
Operating frequency of 50 Hz to 400 Hz

Product Application Information

Portable electrical and electronic equipment
Medical equipment
Test and measurement equipment
Consumer goods
Single phase power supplies, switch-mode power

Suitable applications for FN280 power entry filtered modules include medical equipment, test and measurement equipment, EDP and office equipment, portable electrical and electronic equipment. These inlet filters are ideal for consumer goods, switch mode power supplies and single phase power supplies.

Brand Information

Schaffner's portfolio of products includes power magnetic components, power quality filters and EMI filters. The Schaffner Group endeavours to shape electrical power by researching and developing solutions that ensure the reliable and efficient operation of power electronic systems. With a range of applications, Schaffner products can be found in rail technology, photovoltaic systems, wind power, machine tools, robotics, electrical infrastructure and electronic motor controls. Another key focus for Schaffner is the automotive industry. Applications include electric vehicle charging infrastructure and filter solutions alongside safety features and convenience in cars.

Schaffner Dual Fuse Inlet Filter

The Schaffner IEC inlet filter is a male type, dual fused, top/bottom panel mount with C14 IEC connector power entry module. It has a voltage rating of 250VAC with 6A high-performance current rating. The operating frequency of this filter ranges between 50Hz and 400Hz.
Schaffner Type FN fused/fused and switched
IEC inlet plugs with integral mains filter are designed to filter mains borne interference where capacitors alone may prove inadequate. Connection by 250 (1/4in) receptacles. Accepts 20mm x 5mm dia. fuses. Fuses are not included.

Features and Benefits

Convenient, highly-integrated module
Fuse drawer with easy-access
Dual-pole rocker switch
Fast-On terminals
Maximum leakage current is 373μA
Operating temperature ranges between -25°C and 85°C


Electrical and electronic equipment
Medical equipment
Household equipment
Single-phase and switch-mode power supplies
Test and measurement equipment.


UL approved
CSA Certified
IP40 rated



Schaffner Type FN Fused/Fused and Switched

IEC Inlet plugs with integral mains filter. Designed to filter mains borne interference where capacitors alone may prove inadequate. Connection by 250 ( 1/4 in) receptacles. (For insulating boots see typically RS stock no. 526-0724).,Accept 20 x 5mm dia. fuses. Fuses not included.

Attribute Value
Gender Male
Number of Fuses 2
Fuse Size 5 x 20mm
Switch Type 2 Pole
Termination Method Faston
Current Rating 6A
Voltage Rating 250 V ac
Mounting Type Panel Mount
Operating Frequency 50 → 400Hz
IEC Connector Type C14
Width 32mm
Depth 64.8mm
Height 82mm
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