Silicon Labs Digital Isolator Evaluation Board for Si8862x, Si88x2x, Si886xxISO-KIT

  • RS庫存編號 143-8553
  • 製造零件編號 Si886xxISO-KIT
  • 製造商 Silicon Labs

Si886x2 Dual Isolator Evaluation Kit

The Si886xxISO-KIT from Silicon Labs allows users to evaluate the functionality and performance of the Si88xx family of digital isolators. The evaluation board is supplied with an Si88621ED-IS dual channel isolator which has extended dc-dc converter capabilities compared to the Si8824x.
The board includes convenient test points to permit measurement and observation of currents and voltages, and allow calculation of relevant parameters such as efficiency and load/line regulation.

• Featured part: Si88621ED-IS dual channel isolator
• Primary supply input 24Vdc
• Integrated DC-DC converter supplies 5Vdc isolated output
• Supply connections via terminal blocks
• Digital signal connections via headers

Digital Isolators, Silicon Laboratories

The Silicon Labs broad range of Digital Isolation products offers significant improvements over older isolation technologies such as opto-couplers. They demonstrate lower power consumption, greater reliability and higher performance, and are generally smaller in size and lower in cost. These CMOS-based devices exhibit stable operating characteristics over a wide temperature range and do not suffer from the lifespan limitations of opto-coupled devices.

Attribute Value
Interface Function Digital Isolator
Kit Classification Evaluation Board
Featured Device Si8862x, Si88x2x
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