eldoLED DUALdrive 2-Channel Light Controller, 120 277 V ac

  • RS庫存編號 758-7611
  • 製造零件編號 DL0560S1-0350
  • 製造商 eldoLED

DUALdrive AC Series Dimmable LED Drivers

The DUALdrive AC series of constant current LED drivers, from EldoLED, have two separately controllable LED outputs, which can be used for dynamic white LED lighting applications or luminaires that combine task and ambient lighting. Offering precise dimming and colour temperature control, programmability and easy extension of its standard feature set, the DUALdrive LED driver allows the creation of the perfect colour temperature and dims down smoothly all the way to 0.1% - with any dimmer, in any application.
LEDcode provides easy extension of the DUALdrive AC LED driver's feature set with time, motion and brightness based intelligence e.g. by connecting a brightness or motion sensor to create a complete solution for your application. It is also possible to fine tune the DUALdrive's behaviour by changing its configuration over the LEDcode interface. E.g. LED output current settings can be adjusted to achieve light output consistency or choose between different dimming curves.

Universal input voltage: 120-277VAC
Output current range: configurable from 200mA to 1,050mA
DALI compatible
Hybrid HydraDrive: efficient, smooth and flicker-free dimming
Dimming control: smooth dimming from 100% to 0%, linear or logarithmic dimming curve
High efficiency over a wide power and voltage range
Maximum (rated) power available over wide LED voltage and LED current range (200-1,050mA)
NTC interface for robust thermal management
Programmable with LEDcode
Applications include: Office lighting, Architectural lighting, Signage and advertising lighting, Tuneable white lighting, Combined task / ambient lighting, Retail display lighting

Attribute Value
Modes DALI, Dimming
Number of Channels 2
Maximum Supply Voltage 277V ac
Series DUALdrive
Minimum Supply Voltage 120V ac