F3S-TGR-CL Light Beam Sender & Receiver, 2 Beam, 12m Max Range

  • RS庫存編號 757-7617
  • 製造零件編號 F3S-TGR-CL2A-K2C-500
  • 製造商 Omron
COO (Country of Origin): NL

F3S-TGR-CL Light Beam

The F3S-TGR-CL light beam is a multi-beam sensor designed for perimeter and access protection which complies with EN 61496-1. The light beams are available in Category 2 (PL c) and Category 4 (PL e) with integrated muting function. The F3S-TGR-CL is made with a painted aluminium case, acrylic lexan front window, ABS cap, and cold rolled steel mounting brackets.

Simple to wire, mount and configure
DIP-switch setup for muting, pre-reset, interlock function and optical coding
Muting function and muting lamp integrated
Type 2 or type 4 acc. EN61496-1
EN ISO 13849-1 – ready
Long range active/active versions (F3S-TGR-CL2-K) have a sensing distance of 0.5 to 40m
Short range active/passive versions (F3S-TGR-CL2-K_C) have a sensing distance of 0.5 to either 7, 8 or 12m

Perimeter and Access Guard

Attribute Value
Series F3S-TGR-CL
Component Type Receiver, Sender
Minimum Scanning Distance 0.5m
Maximum Scanning Distance 12m
Safety Type 2
PL EN ISO 13849-1 C
Peak Wavelength 880nm
Number of Beams 2
Maximum Response Time 13 ms
Terminal Type M12 Connector
Dimensions 682 x 37 x 48 mm
Product Length 682mm
Protective Height 518mm
Application Finger, Hand
Length 682mm
Width 37mm
Height 48mm
Features Auto Reset, EMD, Interlock With Manual Reset, Muting
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