RS PRO IM91 Beta Rays, Gamma Rays, X Rays Emission Detector

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RS PRO Radiation Monitor IM-91

RS PRO radiation monitor IM-91 is a great value survey meter for detecting and measuring radiation like beta, gamma and x-ray radiation. This hand-held test and measurement device features an adjustable alarm range from 0-19.99μSv/h. This multi-purpose digital instrument is suitable for contamination monitoring and radiation protection. Radiation monitoring entails the measurement of surface contamination and measurement of airborne radioactivity.

Features and Benefits:

Display 3 1/2 digits, bright LCD with maximum reading 1999
Display units in uSv/h, uRem/h and mRem/h
Sampling time 20 second/times
Accuracy ±15% of reading
Built-in GM tube
Quick response to radiation strength of Beta(B), Gamma(y) and X-ray
Automatic detection, easy setting
Beeper chirp with each radiation count
Audio alarm setting function
Operating environment 0 ∼ 50 ºC, below 80% RH
Battery life about 50 hours
Dimensions 143 x74 x 34 mm
Weight 220 g

Typical Applications

Radiation monitors are multi-purpose digital instruments which are ideal for contamination and radiation detection. These monitors can be used for radiation monitoring on clothes and surfaces to research applications. They can also be used in the following areas:

  • Environment and home safety monitoring

  • Nuclear industry

  • Medical

  • Mining and metal industries

  • Border control, customs, cargo inspections


Are beta and gamma rays harmful?

Beta particles on the skin can cause burns and can be a serious direct or external radiation threat.

Gamma rays are ionising radiation and are biologically hazardous. They are harmful to humans as they can damage bone marrow and internal organs

How do you detect radiation?

Radiation monitors are used to detect radiation. Radiation is the by-product of radioactive decay. The main types of radiation are alpha, beta, gamma and x ray.

Supplied with

Battery, carrying case, user manual

Attribute Value
Radiation Type Beta Rays, Gamma Rays, X Rays
Accuracy ±15 %
Power Source Battery
Battery Type 9V
Battery Life 50 h
Dimensions 143 x 74 x 34mm
Weight 220g
Height 34mm
Length 143mm
Maximum Operating Temperature +50°C
Model Number p IM91
Minimum Operating Temperature 0°C
Width 74mm
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